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1.ITALY BOLSENA CUP will be held according to the international rules of football games FIFA

1.1 Age of players, playing time -


All teams must register for the tournament prior to their first game on the tournament's official website or by e-mail.

The representative of each team is obliged by his signature to confirm the arrival to the tournament, the agreement with the rules of the tournament and the presence in the course of possible changes.

The team should be ready 15 minutes before the start of the game.

Each team is guaranteed at play six games in the tournament.


3.1. The boys 11 VS 11

At the tournament in the age groups of boys in the same team can participate in the application no more than 3 older players born after August 1 of the previous year.
For example: in the age group of boys born in 2002, 3 players who were born after 01.08.2001 can play for one team.

3.2. The boys 9 VS 9, 7 VS 7, 5 VS 5.

In the age groups of boys, one team can use in the application no more than 2 older players born after August 1 of the previous year.
For example: in the age group of boys born in 2009, 2 players can play for the team, which was born after 01.08.2008.


Girls can play in teams of boys or their team, who were born a year earlier, with the given age limit.
For example: in the age category 2005 for a single team can play girls who were born after 01/01/2004 or act as a team of girls 2008 to 2009 among boys


Organizers have the right, in case of doubt, to check the player's documents. To avoid confusion, all players must have a document proving their identity.

The player who has received the red card is removed to the end of the game, the team plays in the minority (9 VS 9, 11 VS 11), in the teams 7 VS 7, 5 VS 5 plays in the minority for 2 minutes, then you can release a new player, and the next game the player will play only at the discretion of the organizers.

If there are not enough players in the field after 5 minutes of the official start of the playing time, the game is considered lost and the tournament results is defeated 0: 3


Games ITALY BOLSENA CUP are divided into games in groups and playoffs (depending on age).

6.1. Games in groups

In the group stage, the teams are divided into groups, where the teams play in the same circle. In games of subgroups, the winner gives 3 points, draw 1 and defeat 0 points.

6.2. Same number of points.

In case of the same number of points, the winner is determined by:

 According to the indicators in personal games

for the best difference of goals scored in personal games

the best goal difference in all tournament games

on a larger score scored goals

for more wins


6.3. Playoffs

The best teams from each group will go to the playoffs to play for first place. The remaining teams will also move into the playoffs to play the rest of the places. The exact schedule of the playoffs for each age group will be announced in the tournament


If the game ends in a draw in the playoffs and in the final - both teams will immediately punch a penalty to establish the winner. Each team will to do five (5) penalties (in age groups 11 VS 11) and three (3) penalties in the age groups 9 VS 9, 7 VS 7, 5 VS 5.    Italy Bolsena Cup